About the founders of Eldstó: 

Thor Sveinsson and G. Helga Ingadóttir are the proud owners of Eldstó Art Gallery, Café, Restaurant and Guesthouse.  Their handmade ceramics are glazed with Icelandic-derived materials, such as pumice and other volcanic substances from Mount Hekla, as well as clay from Búðardalur. You can watch a documentary of the artists at work, designing and creating their art, on a TV screen in the restaurant.

The Café / Restaurant provides quality coffee, tea and handmade chocolate, as well as delicious cakes and local food where everyone should find something to their liking.

The Guesthouse accommodation has 5 bedrooms, 2 shared bathrooms with a shower, and a kitchen-dining room. Feel free to take a look at it and book online.

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Their Background

Thor Sveinsson ceramic artist studied pottery from 1971 – ’75. Gerhard Schwarz from Germany and Paul Martin from Ireland were his mentors. He was for many years a designer in a company named Glit which was in Reykjavík – Iceland. Thor has taught Pottery in Reykjavik School of Art in 2008 and 2009. He is very skilled at throwing the various forms and it is very inspiring to watch Thor mold the formless clay into teapots, cups, bowls and much more.

G.Helga Ingadóttir singer and ceramic artist has in the past decade learned ceramics under the guidance of her husband, Thor Sveinsson. She took classes in the visual arts in FB-Reykjavík, accompanied by private lessons with Gunnar Geir Kristjánsson, an accomplished painter. G.Helga also designs jewelry. She utilizes materials such as glass, porcelain, silver, leather and so on. Each object is unique and G.Helga tries to create the perfect balance of different shapes and colors. No one thing has the same pattern and the unexpected appears in various forms in her jewelry.

We hope you´ll enjoy your stay in Eldstó Art Café

You can enjoy watching a documentary about the Volcano Art we created in Eldstó, while you are waiting for your lunch or dinner.


You can check for availability in our Guesthouse, just go to accomodation and book from there.

Eldstó is located in South Iceland, between Hella and Vík.

It´s by the main-ring road around Iceland, so very easy to find.